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Superior service-$199
Adjust hand brake if required
Change engine oil (up to 5 litre)
Change engine oil filter ( standard up to $15)
Check /fill barake fluid
Check battery/fill battery fluid if necessary
Check charging system
Check dash board warning lights
Check diff/transaxle fluid level
Check efi fuel filter
Check engine mount
Check hand brake
Check seat belt safety condition
Check spark plugs
Check timing if applicable
Check wheel alignment
Check wheel bearings-front & rear
Check wiper operation/condition
Check/adjust head lights
Check/adjust tyre presuure -front & rear
Check/fill transmission fluid,report if service needed
Check/fill windscreen cleaning fluid
Check/side indicator/reverse lights
Complete diogostic code check
Electronic wheel balnce front & rear tyres
Inspect air filter (advise if replacement required)
Inspect drive belt (exculdes cam belt)
Inspect exhaust system
Inspect power steering fluid-report if flush needed
Inspect suspension,steering & wheel bearings
Inspect tyres -front & rear
Polish tyres
Replace spark plugs -(4 standard)
Replace up to3 standard wiper blades
Road test vechicle
Visual check suspension
Visual check for date cam belt
Visual check inspect cv boots & joints
Visual inspection on brake pads & rotors (front & rtear)
Visually inspect cooling system
Wash & vaccum

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